360° Carbide Scroll Saw Blade

Don't Rotate the Work Piece... Just Follow the Line!

Model # DB-SSB-060

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SSB - 360º Carbide Scroll Saw Blade

The amazing 360º Carbide Scroll Saw Blade

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Scroll sawing 360º - Don't rotate the work piece. Just follow the line!

SSB - 360º Carbide Scroll Saw Blade

The amazing 360º Carbide Scroll Saw Blade:


  • Cuts on the up stroke AND the down stroke!
  • Cuts forward, backwards, sideways (360º) WITHOUT rotating the work piece!
  • Sands to a 60 grit finish as it cuts!
  • 5-1/8" long, (3-1/8" cutting area)
  • Don’t rotate the work piece, just follow the line 
  • Fits clamp type scroll saws
  • Blade can be removed, flipped 180º and reinstalled to the saw, to use the lower half of the blade.


  • Saw in all directions on the following materials:
  • Hard and soft woods
  • Ceramic wall tile
  • Fiberglass
  • Composites
  • Carbon Fibre
  • Laminates
  • Rigid Foam
  • ABS 
  • Rigid and flex PVC piping
  • and more!

5-1/8" long, (3-1/8" cutting area) 

Suits clamp type scroll saws.

Available in 60 grit


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Lloyd C.
Jul 22, 2009
This customer purchased the item at our site.
I am happy with the products I got from your co.  They do what promised.  I saw your ad in one of the online woodworking mag. I get. 
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